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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

E-I-E-I-Oh My Dear God

Had to mass delete my old e-mail inbox spam this afternoon. It's funny how the bulk of the stuff seems to move in cycles. Two months ago, the majority of the 600 or so messages that I got every month were encouraging me to lengthen my completely absent penis by means of Viagra or natural herbal remedies. Of course, there were also the usual smatterings of "hOt T33n pUSsy" and "farm sex". (I've never been brave enough to open up one of the latter mails to discover whether or not these e-mails are refering to sex on farms or the much less tasteful alternative. I don't need to know that badly) Now it seems to have moved on to encouraging me to increase my "payload" as it were. Is that something that we like? If so, I never got the memo.

The West Wing Season 3 "Hartsfield's Landing"