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Friday, February 18, 2005

Kiwi in My Face

That mad bastard Kiwi came in the shop again today. This man is the poster boy for de-caf. He's your sterotypical aging rocker, although I'm sure he'd indignantly call himself an artist. His look is leather jacket and loads of jewelry; Mick Jagger trying to shag Steven Tyler but making a real hash of it. But, truth to be told, I actually like when he drops in; it's very rare to meet anyone who's natural ebullience extends boundlessly in all directions. Even when he has a dislike for something, he ENTHUSIASTICALLY dislikes it. On most of his visits, I manage to sell him something, but not today. Certainly there is a limit to how much turquoise jewelry that any grown man should wear in one sitting.


May I just say that I am completely wetting my cinematic trousers over the release of the Hitchhiker's Guide movie? I was very small when the original series was aired on PBS; The Last Bastion of Intelligent Programming Left in the Cosmos And Shower of Cool Things Like Sesame Street, Mystery, Red Dwarf, Doctor Who and Live from Lincoln Centre. With wet hair, straight from the bath and cocooned in my footie pj's, I was allowed to stay up late to watch with my dad. God knows what I must have thought of it, but it's inspiration stayed with me long enough to read Adams' whole catalog in high school. Since then, there has never been a time when I didn't have a copy of Hitchhiker's Guide. I'm quite excited to see what 50 million dollars does to one of my favorite reads of all time.

Time for sleepy bobos.