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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Muscle Memory

Spent the evening on the slope in Milton Keynes this evening with The Rock Star. After coming back from Banff two weeks ago, where both of us tentatively learned the art of snowboarding, we were somewhat concerned that the knowledge might have abandoned us, but all was well, even after the first run. The lift was more of a challenge than the actual boarding; I feel an unpleasant groinal bruise coming on from having a small disc attached to a bar shoved through my legs.

Dexterity in the snow has never really been my thing. My two skiing experiences in high school ended in disaster. The first time I went, I fell face first onto my ski pole and jarred my right eye in its socket. I escaped, luckily, with only an embarrassing black eye and the nickname "bruiser" for the next few days at school. My second trip, however, ended in the emergency room with a dislocated thumb, a month in a cast and very pissed off parents. With those catastrophes in mind, I was quite chuffed to discover that, 12 years later, I'm actually fairly competent on a snowboard. My guess is that it comes from the fear of both of your feet strapped to a slippery plank; not much room for cocky beginners.

Must retire. Totally knackered.

The Rock Star beat-boxing in the background