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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Rock Star and his Band of Merry Men (and Woman)

The Rock Star is in band with 5, occasionally 6 and rarely 7 other people; The Cheerful Idiot, The Hairy One, Pretty Boy, The Girl, The New Guy, The Fraggle and occasionally The Nudist. A Merry Band of Fuctional Dysfunctionalism and a good laugh to boot. I’m trying to get The Rock Star to phone the Idiot at the moment, so that we can find out if he’s got rehearsal this evening. It’s been hard to get a hold of him after returning from Banff. Since splitting up with his wife, he suddenly discovered that he was incredibly popular with women and has disappeared into a haze of batchelor hedonism. I guess it’s to be expected and even encouraged.He’s called The Idiot for many reasons, although he earned himself a shirt with his moniker emblazoned on it after sticking his tongue to a metal pole in -38 on the second day of our vacation. I’m pretty sure he knew what was going to happen, but the fact that he did it anyway is the reason his nickname will stick.

The band rules our life a bit at the moment. Weekends are definitely not our own. I think that should bother me more, but it's about all the socializing I do at the moment, so I can't complain. As long as he's in for good TV night on Tuesday evenings, it's okay by me.

I am hoping that The Idiot will inform The Rock Star that there is no rehearsal this evening so that we might take advantage of Orange Wednesday at the cinema. Most promotions that companies offer as "incentives" turn out to be as useful as a left handed screwdriver, but my new mobile phone company offers two for one cinema tickets on Wednesdays, which completely rocks. Something useful! Rapture!

Ah. Perhaps not. The Rock Star must run this evening. Bumlasers. The Marathon is creeping up stealthily and he must be prepared. The thought of running 26 miles makes me want to expire on the spot.

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