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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Haloscan's Comment Massacre

I love having all the info before installing a new piece of software. That's why I'm particularly pleased with the good folks at Haloscan for not letting me know that installing their program would actually DELETE all of the previous comments. I grudgingly admit that it IS a better program than the Blogger comment facility, but it doesn't mean I wanted it to vandalize my little blog. Upon serching through the forum, I discovered the catch: You want your comments back, pay us 12 bucks.

I'm of two minds on this: One one hand, it's advertised as a free service and I really didn't see anything about the loss of informtion while installing the program. (But then again, I am impetuous and like to have my toys NOW! Fuck reading the instructions! The Rock Star will tell you that I often speak before I think. When he makes fun of me, he often says, "WHERE'S MY...Oh." or "HOW THE HELL DID THAT...Oh." And he's right.) On the other hand, the people who developed the software paid for it out of their own pockets to begin with. My guilt has, unfortunately, overruled my righteous indignation and paid up. The US exchange rate helped my decision immensely, though, I must say.

In light of this little comment crisis, I thought I'd take this time to thank folks who've left little nuggets of wisdom strewn over the face of my blog and encourage you to grace me with your insights in the future.

I thank you.