Doing battle with daily dragons

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Locked in the Closet

When I was a child, my mother used to read me a book which I’ve long since forgotten the title of. It was about a classroom full of children on another planet, far in the future. On this planet, it rained every day except for one extraordinary day every 20 years when the sun came out for 1 glorious hour. The story takes place on the afternoon of the event: One child in the class, Margaret, had been born on Earth and told her classmates how beautiful it was to see the sun. The children all believed she was lying and locked her in a closet. Suddenly, their teacher gathered them together and led them outside just as the sun broke through the clouds. For one hour, the children frolicked, laughed and basked in the completely alien, warm orange glow. But as suddenly as it had come, the sun disappeared behind the clouds and the rain began to fall again. The children cried as they came back to their classroom, saying, “Margaret was right. It WAS beautiful.” A horrible realization stole over the children. Margaret was still locked in the closet and had missed the sun.

This is a wholly depressing story to read to children. If it didn’t depress me then, it sure does now. And it DEFINITELY did today as I had my nose pressed up against the cold glass windows of Purgatory watching all the people in their lovely spring clothes basking in the sunshine. If you were one of them, chances are I was hating you a lot. If you were sunbathing in the privacy of somewhere other than the range of sight outside of the shop window, then you were exempt from my hatred, but it’s best not to tell me what a nice day you had.

This happened last week as well. Friday and Saturday- like a new Eden; warm with the promise of much budding and fertility. Two guesses where I was for these most magnificent of days. Sunday- like a scorned woman; bitter, chilly and unpredictable. I was ready to throw myself off of my front porch, but it takes a concerted effort to drown in 3 ½ feet of water and quite frankly, I wasn’t willing to put in the time.

I’m hoping to catch the weather off guard this week by working unusual hours. I’ll let you know how it goes.