Doing battle with daily dragons

Monday, March 07, 2005


Today is just one of those days that begs to be broken down into a list.

1) The Rock Star is ill. He’s usually the king of Fighting Off Lurghi, but this time his little white blood cells were all looking at girlie magazines while the enemy stormed their barracks. I’ve spent most of my time today plying him with soup, smoothies, ibuprofen and enough of that nasty Buttercup syrup to gag a horse. (He’s been self- medicating with the syrup, to be honest. It’s one of those “drinking straight from the bottle” kind of coughs.) I just left him downstairs looking pitiful and watching the old “Starsky and Hutch” series on his laptop.

Against my better judgement, I’ve continued sleeping in the same bed with the gurgling monster that my better half has become. I’ve been packing away as many vitamins as I can over the last week or so, in the vain hope that I can avoid his phlegm-filled fate.

2) Anyone who read my “Adventures in Medicine” posting will be pleased to know that after the fuckery of last week, I managed to actually get an accurate ECG reading from the surgery this morning. Totally normal in all respects. I discovered in the course of the week that my father suffers the same annoying “ectopic” heart condition; entirely non-threatening, but intensely irritating. So that’s one less thing in my life that I have to worry about.

3) I received my US tax return last week and it’s been sitting like a small, flat, ugly accountant on my desk, fixing me with a burocratic and disapproving look ever since. I haven’t even had courage enough to take it out of its wrapper. One would think that since I don’t earn any money in the US the need for a tax return would be near zero. Well, one obviously doesn’t think like the IRS. For any of you who have never SEEN a US tax form, rest assured, they can make grown men sit down and weep. The most ridiculous part of my situation is, I have to sift through these mind bending forms to JUST TO FIGURE OUT WHERE TO PUT THE ZEROS. It makes me want to throw things.

4) Just so that I don’t sound like a big bundle of negatism today, I’m rather excited by the prospect of our summer holiday. My parents are generously letting us travel with them again this year. (We spent last August in Florida doing Disney, Cape Canaveral, etc.) The West Coast is our destination; our route being from L.A. up to San Francisco, down to Yosemite National Park, (hurrah again for National Parks, say I.) out across Death Valley to Vegas, up into Utah and ending with the Grand Canyon and Phoenix. It’ll entail rather a lot of driving, but the scenery out of the windows of the car will be something else.

I think I may now retreat for a nap…a safe distance from The Rock Star.