Doing battle with daily dragons

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Just a little fun for the holiday weekend. What is your favorite ever angry album?

I don't know why I got to thinking about this today. I'm not particularly filled with rage at the moment. But my all-time favorite throwing shit (not literally, of course.) at the wall, kicking the pets, letting it all out kind of album has got to be Pretty Hate Machine. A high school boyfriend gave me the album when I was 16 and it's been my complete hate-favorite ever since.

Interesting sidenote: The boyfriend, I was told, became gay for a bit after we broke up, then decided he wasn't actually gay, but MUSLIM, married a cheerleader called Brittany and named his first born Luke Skywalker. I don't think any of that had to do with the music, though. I wouldn't blame you if you think I'm lying about any of that, but this is the kind of thing that happens when you cross my path.