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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Galileo Makes a Move

Galileo finally has a new mooring! And there was much rejoicing. (yaaaaaaaay…..)

During the 5 years that The Rock Star and I have been occupying our little floating home, we have had some pretty dreadful places in which to park it, although, to be fair, it is not easy to find spaces to park things that are 6 feet wide and 57 feet long.

Our first marina was in a nearby town called “Cow Roast”. (Guess what they used to do there?) It was rather like a soggy caravan park. All the boats were literally parked in neat, tight little rows, making it impossible to get any other view out your window other than what your neighbor was watching on TV. And, since it was like a caravan park in every other way, it was bound to be Eastenders. The only positive thing about it was Jake. Jake was a massive moggie who turned up in our boat in the middle of the night when we accidentally left a window open. We heard a crash in the engine room that woke both of us up.

Me: What was that?

The Rock Star: Uh, don’t know. Monsters?

The Monster in the Engine Room: tingle, tingle, tingle

At that point, a furry cannonball shot out of the engine room and leapt on us, nearly causing soiled bed linen. We were at first horrified, as we’d been out cruising that day and immediately jumped to the conclusion that we were guilty of catnapping with diminished responsibility. (It’s not like you can be totally responsible for monsters that jump through open windows when you’re not looking.) We were, however, relieved to discover that this stripy beast actually belonged to our next door neighbors and she (yes, she. Our neighbors weren’t particularly observant.) spent many hours curled up on our couch with us in the evenings until we departed for our new marina in Pitstone.

For the last few years at Grebe, we’ve been once again sandwiched in trailer park style, although there’s a lovely little bridge and a willow tree to look at, so that’s a plus. The boat across from us, however, has obviously been floating there since the reign of James I and contains a seriously impressive spider metropolis. This boat is like New York in spider community terms. Not only that, but our marina owner decided to erect two large poly-tunnels directly behind our mooring for all of the boat maintenance. We were particularly impressed with the early Saturday morning angle grinding.

But lo, with the departure of two long term residents, we did solicit mightily to be granted their space. The only thing beside us now is open water, ducks, big ugly fish and other boats. Not only that, but we have a solid shore for summer barbecues and other tomfoolery. So, come one, come all, roll up, roll up, drag your butts on down for a brew.

Oh, and for some odd reason, our TV reception is better than it’s ever been. All the better to watch Eastenders with, my pretty…