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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Auto-suggest in the location bar of an Internet browser can be a blessing or a curse. Fabulous if you can't remember the name of a cool site you found yesterday, not so fabulous if someone's looking over your shoulder and the last site beginning with "H" that you looked at was Here's a fun, although somewhat time consuming meme I got from Defective Yeti. Click on the link below to do your own! To find your URL ABCs, simply type "a" into the location bar and copy the first URL it suggests. Repeat 25 more times with different letters.

These are my URL ABCs:
  • A is for - Sometimes funny things completely broadside you when you're not expecting it. I just about broke my chair on this one.
  • B is for -An artist who's work is both dark and lovely.
  • C is for - Erm, hi David. I don't know you or how I got to your blog, but hi anyhow.
  • D is for - Some quite extrodinary, dark art infused with bucketfuls of religious symbolism.
  • E is for - I worship at the alter of e-commerce.
  • F is for - I'm not actually a surfer, but they tend to wear more comfortable clothes than the rest of us.
  • G is for - Author of The Old Kingdom Trilogy, one of the best bits of fantasy to surface in recent years.
  • H is for I would like to thank LawGirl for my extremely fun e-card. I have no doubt that the things we'd get up to on a girl's night would not be suitable for a Hallmark greeting card.
  • I is for - Very few actually have SUBSCRIPTIONS to magazines like "People" or "Hello!" But EVERYBODY READS THEM AT THE DENTISTS WITH GREAT RELISH. No one likes to admit to enjoying a bit of upstairs scandal, but we all do. IMDB is not only a great argument settler ("No, it WAS that guy from "The Fifth Element"! I TOLD you.") but it also provides a daily dose of skank for those of us with inquiring and embarassed minds.
  • J is for - An extremely talented jeweler who did all of the accessory work on "Lord of the Rings", "Xena" and "Hercules". The Rock Star and I went to see the LOTR exhibition when it came to the London Science Museum and her pieces were just as beautiful close up as on the big screen. Mmmm, shiny.
  • K is for - A muppet fan site. It owns.
  • L is for - In my quick travels of "abstinence" sites, this one came up as one of the scariest.
  • M is for - Donations please. Cause you're all a bunch of good guys.
  • N is for - A great US domain registration site. Why pay over $20 for something that doesn't, you know, actually exist?
  • O is for - I was kind of hoping this was going to come up. In this freelance writer's spare time, she has created a rather engaging soap opera using her very unusual doll collection. Definitely work checking out.
  • P is for - Another lady jeweler doing stunning work. Boston based.
  • Q is for - A site some friends of mine from college maintain, containing a data base of stuff we say that gets repeated to us years later and makes us want to kill people for not forgetting it.
  • R is for - Blog and home of the famous mat despoiler himself, Dr. Booth.
  • S is for - Erm...this looks like a shop full of smelly, expensive things. I have not delved further.
  • T is for - The only news that's fit to print.
  • U is for - If sir is in the market for a new mobile, may I offer a humble suggestion? Unless sir is in love the idea of being plagued by constant beeping due to two unbelievablely useless buttons positioned on the side of a phone, may I steer sir away from a Motorolla? I would not blame sir for throwing his handset into traffic on the event of such a purchase.
  • V is for - Okay, you caught me. I was looking for the address of a sex shop. But it was for that post that I wrote about sex toys! Honest!
  • W is for - Just curious. Funny enough, this site doesn't actually have the answer to the question.
  • X is for - Existing between two currencies is not easy, but this site makes it way easier. This is where I find out how much cheaper I can buy stuff just about anywhere else than where I live.
  • Y is for - A sincerely useless hotel/B+B search facility.
  • Z is for - It's our old buddy, Thor. Fear the phallus.