Doing battle with daily dragons

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Arrival

Over the weekend, my computer, having learned that it’s replacement, a sleek, fast and sexy Sony Vaio laptop, was already on it’s way, staged the only act of scorned fury it could manage. Its power supply mysteriously imploded. It’s baffled even PPD, who usually just has to LOOK at a piece of equipment threateningly and it begins working again out of terror. So it is now lying in bits on my desktop, hoping that in its fragile state, I might take pity on it and remember my former affection. It’s not working however, because I am a techno-hussy and a sucker for anything smaller, faster and shinier.

Be still my heart, a City Link van has just pulled up outside the house. Could it be that my new love is here?

Frenzied trip down the stairs…

Behold, the new techno-shiny in all its gleaming Sony wonderfulness!

I think I’ll call her Tallulah.