Doing battle with daily dragons

Friday, May 27, 2005

Paradise Re-gained

I consider myself fortunate to be far from the walls of Purgatory today, as it is one of those days outside when you get down on your knees in the warm grass and thank the universe that you’re alive. Soon, however, I shall never be imprisoned in their cold, badly painted embrace again. For I have given Ms. Personality my notice and shall soon be free.

My disappointment in not getting the low paying, but intellectually stimulating job at the bookstore was assuaged mightily by an offer of a post as office manager for PPD, as his current one is moving up North. Not only does the post pay about 10 times more than the bookstore, it means 0 commute, tea every hour on the hour and lunches in the sunny garden complete with family dog. True, I must try to discover the function of the confusing jumble of GPS equipment that inhabits his office and get over my fear of spreadsheets, but I feel that I have made a worthy choice.

And so, with this joyous good news, I must begone for today in order to better understand what it is I’m supposed to be doing.

I’ll try not to press any flashing buttons, no matter how tempting.