Doing battle with daily dragons

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Quote of the Week

I'm hoping that, during the course of my all too fast weeks, that I will find something that will amuse me enough to want to share it with the rest of you. This one just squeaked in under the wire, today, Sunday.

Today The Rock Star and I ventured to the London Guitar Show where we were plunged into a seething mass of large hair, black t-shirts and 8,000 pre-teens crunching out "Smells Like Teen Spirit" with amps turned all the way up to 11. (There were also a small group of cool people there, but I won't make fun of them.)

The Rock Star has a Chinese dragon fetish. He's even got one who sits obediently on his shoulder. (He's called "Sid") So, when he spotted a scratchplate for his Fender Strat with a beautiful Chinese dragon on it, he yoinked it off of the wall and headed up to the cashier. For those not versed in guitar lingo, a scratchplate is the bit of plastic under the strings that keeps you from damaging the body while using a pick. A BIT OF PLASTIC, mind, usually worth about 15-20 pounds.

The Rock Star: This'll fit a standard Strat, right?

Salesguy: Yep. That'll be 50 pounds.

The Rock Star: SHIT THE BED.

(I must point out that this choice phrase of my husband's is one that is tolerated in the home and among friends, but today was it's first public outing. "That came out just a little too easily," he remarked afterward.)