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Friday, June 17, 2005

Beans From Afar

There is little better in this life than opening the door to find the postman on your step with an interesting package in their hands addressed to you. In this technological age, this scenario is being played out more often in porn films than in real life, but I had the good fortune of having it happen to me yesterday. (A parcel arriving, mind you, not a frenzied sexual encounter with the postman laden with innuendos about big packages.)

It so happened that my parcel contained beans. Not just any beans, mind you, but black beans, which are amazing and VERY hard to find on this side of the Atlantic. During acbgirl’s visit to us in March, I remarked how I yearned for black beans to make proper Mexican food with and lo and behold, 2 cans of black beans and some yummy diced tomatoes with cilantro landed on my doorstep. For this, I am eternally grateful and may offer to bear her children.

It is actually a fib to say that one cannot find black beans on this side of the ocean, but if one is a lazy cook and wants her black beans NOW, it’s tough titties on the count of the little buggers being sold in big, dry bags that need overnight soaking. For someone who decides what to have for dinner in front of the meat isle in Tesco, this is tremendously inconvenient.

There is a dismaying lack of Mexican fare in general in Great Britain. This probably comes from being too far away for the Mexicans to sneak successfully over the borders. The town where I went to college, despite being in northern Indiana, had a staggeringly large Mexican immigrant population due to the staggeringly large number of high paying factory jobs in the area. The food that these people brought into the community was gut-bustingly amazing and since moving to the UK, I have been at a loss to replace it. The great British multi-cultural food is of course, curry, and while a nice chicken tikka biriyani goes down a treat every now and then, I would secretly much prefer a burrito and some spicy rice.

The Rock Star loves anything hot, so hopefully, upon our arrival in the States next week, we can find a good Mexican place in which to satiate my lust for tortilla based cuisine. We’ll be gone for the best part of 3 weeks, so that should be long enough to find an appropriate eatery.

But we’ll be back soon enough. I have my beans to consider.