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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

In the Light of Day

Having rested in the world's most comfortable bed, The Rock Star and I are feeling vaguely more human this morning. In fact, he is, at present, learning "Voodoo Child" on his new, unattractive travel guitar and fighting off amourous advances from my parent's cat, Vandella. We're off in an hour or so to take full advantage of the poor value of the dollar in the local mall.

And now for the promised pictures. And remember what I said about oo-ing and ah-ing. Many thanks to The Rock Star for his steady photography hand. We'll try to get some more up later.

My parent's installed several ornamental ponds a few years ago to cut down on lawn maintenance, however, I think they've discovered that in the maintenance stakes, they didn't come out to far ahead. However, they're beautiful and now play host to half a dozen amphibians or so.

A view from my mother's "fairy garden".

Sweet Home Mt. Airy.