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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Movie Moments

Nothing happens on Tuesdays. Since being informed that last Saturday was my last day in Purgatory, I suddenly found that I had rather a lot of time on my hands. There are many things that I could be doing right now, but as I am about to be whisked off to lunch with The Christian, I thought I’d have a quick natter at you lot.

I was staring at our DVD collection this morning while The Rock Star was blow-drying his voluminous barnet and got to thinking about moments. Not whole films, but just bits of minutiae that were hugely memorable for me. I’ll throw two of them out there for public scrutiny and invite everyone else to do the same.


The Godfather- To begin with, this movie basically owns. It’s often touted as a “guy” film, but anyone who appreciates cinema can’t help but have their aesthetic asses completely kicked by it. My moment of moments though, is the few seconds before Michael leaves the toilet to shoot Sollozzo and McCluskey. It’s a hesitation, with his back turned to the camera, but in those few seconds, you can see the enormity of his decision; the life he’s leaving behind and the life he knows will follow…all with his back to the camera. Unbelievable.


Dogma- Not everyone is a big fan of Kevin Smith and his foul mouthed philosophical meanderings liberally peppered with dick and fart jokes. Me personally, I’m a huge fan. (Except for the woefully self indulgent Chasing Amy. To quote Smith, I believe that it “licked balls.") I especially liked this pseudo-religious outing; although it bore most of the hallmarks of a traditional Smith film, it also showed a great deal of thought about the inherent contradictions of his own Catholicism. Plus, he probably got 15 elephants worth of hate male for suggesting that Jesus was black, so you gotta admire that.

My favourite bit: The lead character, Bethany (Linda Fiorantino) is visited in the night by an Angel of the Lord: (Alan Rickman) a flaming apparition with a booming voice…and puts him out with a fire extinguisher. This is particularly amusing, as the first thing the Angel says afterwards is, “Jesus Christ, look at my suit!”

Open movie season people. Let’s hear it.