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Friday, July 15, 2005

Glut of Shiny

I am literally buzzing with excitement.

It has been a hot, sweaty, oppressive week. But today, a fresh breeze has blown in and with it, a veritable glut of shiny. I can scarcely believe my good fortune in the shiny department.

To assist in my new role as PA within PPD’s company, I’ve been furnished with a new shiny PDA that will hopefully tell me things that my standard paper diary doesn’t. If my standard paper diary would AWOOGA at me every time I had an appointment, I would be much happier with it, but since it does not, the PDA, while not quite as fun and colourful, will actually make sure I don’t get annoyed calls from the dentist asking why I’m three hours late and if I might be so kind as to join him so that he can scrape my teeth with a metal hook. Plus, I can tell PPD whether or not he’s supposed to be walking the dog or at the Royal Institute of Navigation. Sometimes he forgets. So, that’s some practical shiny.

In the NON practical shiny area, I’m now the owner of a new snowboard. This was a result of some consultation with experienced slope jockeys who told me there were 3 reasons my feet hurt every time I board:

1) My gear sucks.

2) I might be using the wrong “stance”.

3) My gear sucks.

None of the slope jockeys in question were actually trying to SELL me anything, so I used their expertise as a rather shallow excuse to buy a new, shiny board. It’s got a bird on it. Whether or not that makes my ride any better is yet to be seen.

The third bit of shiny I have not aquired yet, but come midnight the shiny new Harry Potter will also be mine. I feel righteous as I am going to purchase it at an independent, children’s bookshop in Richmond for no doubt, an undiscounted price. But that’s okay. Long live shiny, children’s bookshops.

I rejoice and give thanks for the abundant shiny.