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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hurrah for Civilization

Summer is when I tend to get a little homesick. The fireflies, the cicadas, crickets and katyadids, the thunderstorms...Home rocks.

But then there are just some summer traditions here in the UK that make me so happy to be here, I could just kiss them. Having two and a quarter straight months of classical and world music that are affordable and accessable to everyone near London is just about as civilized as it gets.

The Rock Star is kindly taking me to Prom 32 next Sunday featuring Bobby McFerrin. I beg anyone who's only experience of this unbelivable performer/conductor has been the terminally banal "Don't Worry, Be Happy" to please, for the love of musical aesthetics, find his "Medicine Man" or Yo-Yo Ma collaboration albums and listen to them. Plus, you gotta love a man with dreads that cool in classical music.

We're also going to the Last Night Proms in the Park with a few friends. We went once several years ago and made the fatal mistake of not bringing alcohol. Lawful goobers that we are, we actually took the "Do not bring any glass containers into the park" missive on our tickets seriously and found ourselves adrift in a sea of people who had all brought champagne. A most disagreeable situation.

So, this year, while music is the main focus of the evening, it's all about a bag big enough to stash 5 bottles of Lanson in.