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Friday, July 29, 2005

Witness to History

Blues Mama got me thinking about history, so I thought I’d borrow her meme for Friday morning musing.

The Top 10 Events in History that I Would Like to have Witnessed

#10. The Battle of Agincourt- I’m not a war buff by any means, but it would be something else to be able to witness one of the greatest military upsets of all time. And, as a bonus, I’d also get to witness the birth of a popular, rude English hand gesture.

#9. The Coronation of Elizabeth I

#8. Listen to Mozart as a child in recital to the French Court circa 1763- Just to be able to elbow the King and say, “Keep your eye on this one!”

#7. A Beatles gig at The Cavern

#6. Jimi Hendrix playing The Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock- Like Blues Mama said, I think if I HAD been at Woodstock, I probably would have been too high to remember my name, but to see the Great Jimi in action would have been something else.

#5. The Moon Landing- I envy my parents tremendously for that one.

#4. Along for the ride on The Beagle with Charles Darwin.

#3. The writing of the Constitution- Constructive criticism from the future might be useful: “Hey guys! And before I go any further, may I just say GREAT job with the First Amendment? Boy howdy, you should SEE the Internet! But can we talk seriously about the Second? You just have no idea what kind of a hoo-ha THAT one’s gonna cause!”

#2. Standing in the shop with Gutenberg when the first page came off of his printing press.

#1. Being in the audience for the first ever performance of Hamlet starring Richard Burbage- Arguably one of the most influential pieces of theatre in the English language. Being surrounded by the syphilitic unwashed of 17th century London would be a small price to pay.

After doing a bit of complementary time travel to the past, I though perhaps I’d flick some switches and twiddle some knobs to change direction.

The Top 10 Future Events in History that I Would Like to Witness

#10. Flying cars- This is a throw-away, because deep down, EVERYBODY secretly wants flying cars. Why GM isn’t working on this right now, I have NO idea.

#9. The last tick of The Clock of the Long Now.

#8. The next step in human evolution- Whether it’s global homogenization or integration with organic circuitry, getting to see where it is that we’re headed as a species would be fascinating.

#7. The day the oil runs dry.

#6. The first self-aware computer- “Dr. Chandra? Will I dream?”

#5. The birth of my great, great, great grandchildren- I wish them luck on the day the oil runs dry.

#4. A permanent base on the moon.

#3. The first truly honest politician who tries to do the right thing by the people that elected them- I know, I know, this is supposed to be a list of things that are actually going to happen.

#2- The discovery of intelligent life in the universe- Like Jodie Foster’s character in “Contact” says, “If it’s just us, it would be an awful waste of space.”

#1- The first human being to set foot on Mars.