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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Dog Days

It’s the dog’s birthday today. In his honor, I list the top 5 moments of his life.

5. Getting to come and live with us instead of being shipped to South Africa in a crate- We weren’t the only people who wanted him. But luckily, his breeder didn’t like the idea of him living in Jo’burg any more than he would have. Not a good place to be wearing a fur coat year round.

4. Meeting the cat- Moggins made a mistake right off the bat; she ran. But it didn’t take long before she got tired of running and clouted him one, rendering him a huge chicken ever since. He could flatten her just by sitting on her, but instead gives her a respectfully wide berth and treats any actions that resemble friendship to be highly suspect.

3. Being a Satellite Head- I wish The Rock Star and I could have witnessed this first hand, but to keep him from worrying at a scar from a minor procedure, he suffered the indignity of all dogs who have ever had a surgical procedure; he got the satellite head collar that not only robbed him of his dignity (what little dignity a Labrador can muster) and gave the rest of the family a very good laugh.

2. Learning to swim- Since we live on the canal, it was imperative that he learned to swim, but we discovered fairly quickly that he didn’t exactly have an inborn love of water. (Maybe throwing him in the canal at 6 months wasn’t the best way to teach him) However, after taking him to a dog show where over 20 labs were taking part in a spontaneous beach party and letting him loose (We almost didn’t find him again.) he seemed to get much more into the spirit of things. (While the other dogs were retrieving little sticks, Dougal tried to bring back the best part of a tree.)

1. Turning 3- Slightly calmer, although no more refined, he’s the most brilliant quadruped I know.

And to show his gratitude, he’s just sneezed on my jeans. A true class act.