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Monday, August 08, 2005

Monday Meme

Here’s a little meme I blagged from Tony Dowler, who, in turn blagged it from Castironskillet. I think a lot of people occasionally wonder where they rank in the internet hierarchy, but for some vicarious fun, Google “(your name) is…” and pick the first 15 results that please you.

-Mel (B) is the only person stopping the Spice Girls reforming, claims Sir Bob Geldof.

-Judge panel gets the word: Mel is the man. is your reference guide to Alice episode Mel is Hogg-Tied.

-Mel is such a handsome guy!

-Mel Is Swell.

-Mel is to blame.

-St. Mel is a great school that allows me so many opportunities tosucceed.

-Why Mel is not a smurf

-Mel's personality is one that cannot be met by many breeds of dogs.

-Mel is a noted expert in data systems and network security

-Mel is back. Riazat Butt.

-Mel is a nick-name, short for Melanie, Melvin or Melville. (or perhaps even Melinda. But maybe that’s just me.)

-Des giggles inanely as Des does, and Mel is embarrassed

-Mel is my hero.

-A romance ensues as Mel is working on her home, her neighborhood, and herself.