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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Proportionally Scary

Here’s a quick pop-quiz:


Hint: It ain't Subject A.

As is becoming habit, The Rock Star and I spent a lot of time this weekend in noisy and smoky pubs. Friday, Saturday and Sunday it was the Rock Star making the majority of the noise, but yesterday evening, we ventured into London to take in some aural trauma at the Oh! Bar in Camden where The Little Monkeys were making their London debut along with some local groups with notorious monikers such as Skintight Jaguars, Filthy Love and King Lizard.

Sitting in the middle of a sea of hair, chains and purple leopard-print spandex (that was obviously a way of life rather than a moment of madness) I had some time to think about books and covers and so forth. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve noticed a distinct lack of metal-heads in town centres where violence seems to be the norm on Saturday nights or indeed, in any pub over the past year and a half where I felt that my person was in danger of being groped or mistakenly knuckled in a brawl. The conclusion…the world probably could use a few more hairy rockers. Leather pants and eyeliner for everyone!

The Rock Star and I felt vaguely out of place. I think we may be two people who might have to learn to appreciate the fact that we will never be dark, mysterious or in any way frightening, not matter how many tattoos we jointly own, but it was fun to be in the midst of so many people who were. Both of us also suffered from major hair envy; amongst the throng were many barnets that we jointly coveted.

The Little Monkeys and their hairy brethren did indeed perpetrate mighty acts of head-melting rawk upon the dark masses that gathered and lo, it was good.

And not at all scary.

Except maybe for this guy.