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Friday, August 12, 2005

We Come from the Land of Ice and Snow...

Okay, I’ve regarded porn with a high degree of amusement as some of my previous posts can attest. I assume that I’m not alone in the female community in that respect. Most women’s complaint is that pornography lacks imagination; sexual tension is far more of a turn on. Watched objectively, I think most people can agree that the majority of porn films are fairly silly in nature. But I’d never come across one that was mind-bendingly hilarious until now.

Lasse Braun is called “The Godfather of Modern Pornography”. Born in 1936, this guy is pretty much single-handedly (ha ha ha) responsible for the legalization of porn across Europe. Not only that, but his films are often regarded as porn for the connoisseur; lengthy costume dramas/ gang bangs with hugely expensive production costs, etc.

However, his dress-up extravaganza, “The Vikings” is the film that the Monty Python team would have made if they had ever ventured into the hard-core arena. UK History was re-showing Channel 4’s titillation-masquerading-as-education epic, The History of Pornography yesterday evening and included a clip of this blue masterpiece.
This is the cast
, for starters.

If it is within your power to find a few snippets of this film and view them, please do. You will never look at spears or pointy hats the same way. Nor will you ever be able to listen to “The Immigrant Song” again without a whole new set of images popping into your head.