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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Weighty Issues

Put this in the Death of Common Sense file.

So this grossly obese woman goes to her doctors complaining of medical problems related to her obesity. Unsurprisingly, the doctor INFORMS her that her problems are related to the fact that she weighs roughly the same as a Ford Explorer and that maybe, if she’d like these problems to cease and desist, she might just want to lay off the peanut butter and Mars bar sandwiches or she was headed for a premature dirt nap.

Does this woman take his advice, which makes sense, as her general practitioner has just told her to lose weight or DIE?

You wish. Instead, she lodges a formal complaint about him to the New Hampshire Medical Board saying that he “hurt her feelings.” Not only that, but the doctor had to apologise to Flabzilla in writing. FOR TELLING HER THAT HER LIFE WAS IN DANGER.

What do you do when the lunatics begin running the asylum?