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Friday, September 16, 2005

Creature Friday

I'm usually completely bolloxed by Friday and in the absence of any real substance, you get yet another creature.

I've discussed my dabble into the world of D&D on several occasions. At it's most enjoyable point, I played with 2 DMs who were not only actors, but playwrights as well, with an enormous talent for writing interesting campaigns. One of them wrote in an encounter with a group of tinker gnomes who were severely accident prone due to the nature of their brilliant but useless inventions. Hence, the rocket powered rocking horse.

On the theme of rocking apparatus, The Rock Star and I ran across one of these at a crafts fair (which, to protect his badass reputation, was totally my idea) a few weekends ago. When we suceed in spawning, you can better believe that one of these is on the cards.