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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Crafty Pride

I suppose it’s time to come out from behind the shadow of my pincushion. To put down the glue and sequins, stand up and say,

Yes, world, I am a crafter! Look not on me with scorn and derision! Do not try to discourage me from taking an ordinary sweatshirt and turning it into something fun and cute with a picture of a cat and maybe a few feathers here and there! Know that I love brightly coloured pieces of paper, beads, ribbon and coloured pencils. With these instruments of creation, I shall unleash my vision, which is mediocre at best, but unleash it I shall! And I shall put so much love into my efforts that it is impossible for the recipient to throw it away. Even if they hate it. Even years later.


Okay, to be fair, I’ve never created a sweatshirt with a cat on it. Not even in my weakest moments, but other than that, it’s all pretty much true.

This is a little photo of my latest crafty endeavour. It’s a bit of freeform embroidery on a pair of my old jeans. I gave the little store-bought kits a try, but even when I finished them successfully, I couldn’t help but feel that I had just coloured in someone else’s picture. I was telling The Rock Star this morning that I got seriously frustrated with colouring books as a child; I never liked filling in pre-made lines; I was only really happy when I was drawing my own. My parents finally got me the “The Anti-Coloring Book" which was a great solution. (Anyone out there who owns children should seriously have a look at these; they’re brilliant) The gist of it is, I’ve never minded staying within the lines, as long as they were MY lines.

I’ve also developed, fairly recently, a taste for scrapbooking, hobby of housewives everywhere. Not that there is anything wrong with having a hobby or being a housewife, but when you’ve got a load of pictures of your kid, you’re probably going to be more inclined toward this particular fetish. I got caught out by digital cameras and now find myself in the unenviable position of having 6 years of photos stored on disc, moving from one computer to another with no possibility of release. So, to save myself time and energy, I’m doing one scrap book for this year and one scrapbook for the last 5. It’s cheating, I know, but there’s just no way I can remember whether I’m looking at a photo from 2000 or 2003, (other than to check my waistline) so they’re all going to have to co-exist together.

If anyone is in need of a macaroni collage at any time, I’m a pretty dab hand at those too.