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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fiscally Furious

This morning, on the BBC website, they posed the question, “Is 1 million too little now to make you happy?” This is, claims Coutts & Co, now well below the amount necessary to live a luxurious life style. (This is due to a explosive 575% jump in property prices since the was last assessment of this kind.)

There are many things in the news that make me want to squeeze the screen on my laptop until it bursts and laugh mirthlessly as the black sludge within oozes all over my desktop. This is definitely one of them. Is the media so out of touch that anyone can believe that a struggling middle class family gives a rat’s ass about living a luxurious lifestyle? Does someone out there REALLY believe that the majority of us wouldn’t be over the moon with a million quid? It may not buy us that 170 ft Sun Seeker in the Caribbean we’ve always wanted, but is it not enough to pay off our debts? Is it not enough to put a down payment on a house for us and our families? Is it not enough to put money aside for retirement?

Almost to a man, this is how the comments go:

“With that I could pay off my mortgage.”

“It’s all about being able to provide.”

“I would like enough money to get on the property ladder please, about £20,000 would do it.”

“I’ve always maintained that money is a great servant, but a lousy master.”

“I could take a part-time job, spend more quality time with family and friends and actually enjoy life a tad more.”

OK! Magazine, with it's 10 page spreads of disgusting weddings and celebrity homes has a HELL of a lot to answer for.