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Monday, October 10, 2005

Regretable Shopping

Over the weekend, LawGirl sent me a link to this highly amusing eBay item. (My apologies if this is one of those things that has made its way around the world and back 16 times. Since my junk mail filter got massively sensitised, I’ve managed to stave off more and more attempts to rape my inbox with advertisement for Cialis and pleas from Angolan businessmen, so some genuinely fun stuff sometimes gets sacrificed on the Altar of Annoyance.) Judging from the number of viewings, a lot of people were able to appreciate and sympathize with the plight of the seller; namely, the act of having bought something that “seemed like a good idea at the time”, especially when impressing the opposite sex seemed to be a factor in the decision.

I was once almost convinced by two men to buy a PVC bustier. The store I tried it on in was also the mecca for tacky upper-middle class ladies-who-lunch and the local drag queen population, (Being rural Indiana, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it would be a fairly small population, but then you’d be wrong. It’s a big flat place. You gotta make your own fun.) if that gives you any idea of the sort of clothes they carried. Sequins were not spared in the manufacture of the shop’s stock. At any rate, a joke became serious consideration (You tend to see your friends differently when they don a PVC bustier.) but I really couldn’t justify spending $60 dollars and then having to explain to my parents why I had no cash with which to eat at the end of the month due to the purchase of said item. (I bet most people who own PVC underwear don’t exactly love the idea of their parents being privy to that information.)

So, question of the day: What was your most inappropriate and regrettable purchase?