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Monday, October 24, 2005

Word Association

Hitman J had an interesting word association game that I gaked from his blog. Copy these words into a text program and then type the first thing that comes to mind.

  1. Infiltration::
  2. Nice person::
  3. Debt::
  4. Settle down::
  5. Thomas::
  6. Unforgivable::
  7. Medicine::
  8. A year from now::
  9. Neighbors::
  10. Dripping::

And now? Here are my answers. Not sure what they mean, but they disturb me slightly.

  1. Infiltration:: money
  2. Nice person:: suspicious
  3. Debt:: green
  4. Settle down:: reprimand
  5. Thomas:: muffins
  6. Unforgivable:: grey area
  7. Medicine:: trust breach
  8. A year from now:: house
  9. Neighbors:: isolated
  10. Dripping:: insomnia

Especially the thing about muffins.