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Friday, November 04, 2005

Sympathy for The Guy

Okay, here are the facts:

1) It’s Guy Fawkes weekend.

2) It’s 2 o’clock pm and while it tends to get dark pretty early this time of year, it is, as of yet, not at all dark.

3) There are fireworks going off outside my window.

One would think that, to truly enjoy setting off a minor explosive, you’d like a dark inky background to set it off against to fully appreciate the experience. This does not seem to be the case, which is worrying in that it’s clear that there are people in this neighbourhood who simply get off on blowing shit up.

The media, as it does every year, hauls out some bastard kid who’s just lost an eye because he was dicking around with an M-80 and begs the question: Should fireworks be banned? No, but maybe you should be watching your damn kids instead of watching Eastenders in your underwear.

A science show that BoyRacer saw the other day recreated the Gunpowder Plot and wanted to see exactly what WOULD happen if the 63 barrels of gunpowder had succeeded in taking out the entire ruling class of London in one swell foop. It would have taken out more than your eye, that’s for sure. It seems silly that the “Oh my god, how dangerous are FIREWORKS??” whinge tends to dominate a holiday celebrating the foiling of a plot to leave a Grand Canyon sized crater where the centre of London used to be.