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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Weekend in Brief

It's obvious that I made it back from my Western soujourn safe and sound with little more than a massive case of sleep deprivation and good feelings. Here's a little fragmented weekend blogging.

October 27

9 am, GMT, over the coast of Ireland

Somebody up here likes me for a change.

No drunk Nordics for me on this flight. By some unimaginable grace of a kindly diety, I find myself with two seats all to myself. Not only that, but I find myself on the first plane in AGES where I can cross my legs comfortably. I knew sacrificing that black cockrel to The Gods of Travel would pay off.

The in-flight entertainment kept me amused until the first of two lots of munchables came around. Perhaps ill-advisedly, I chose to watch CSI: Vegas.

Flight Attendant: Would you like pancakes or an omlette?

Gil Grissom: "Look at how the victims body parts have been arranged in this highly mysterious pattern.... "

Me: Er, I think I'll just have a ginger ale.

9.35am, CST, Chicago O'hare

The maple trees still have their leaves on them. An auspicious beginning.

The pilot and two customs officials have just told me "Welcome home."

October 30

2.23pm, CST, South Bend Regional Airport

Sitting in the world's smallest regional airport, I look back on weekend of truly epic proportions.

There are places in the course of our lives where we leave bits of ourselves. Goshen, Indiana is that place for me. These places always feel like home whenever you find youself there; maybe because you recognize the piece of yourself you've left behind.

I did my best Prodigal Daughter impression. There was no end to the laughing, hugging and drinking. I shared a hotel room for 3 with 5 people. Watched a nightime wedding in a jungle. Had Mexican food for breakfast. Felt better and more self-assured than I have in ages.

I can’t even begin to say how glad I am that I came. Even though I'm leaving again so soon.

3.35pm, over the midwest, somwhere between South Bend and Chicago

On this tiny plane on this amazingly short flight from South Bend to Chicago, we have a flight attendant named Paul. He looks approximately 12. He is very serious about his job in that cute, my-suit-is-too big-for-me kind of way. His pre-flight banter was both irritatatingly long and full of repitition. I found it especially handy to be welcomed on board United flight 7221 to Chicago upwards of 4 times. He will undoubtedly go far in the field of serving drinks on very small planes.

9pm, over the Midwest, heading home

There is a screaming toddler behind me. There should be a special compartment in the hold you can check them into. I'm prepared for a sleepless night.