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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Deck the Halls

Warning! More seasonal content ahead!

At the risk of looking like a johnny-come-lately I've followed Brad and Alkelda's example and created a printable Christmas ornament (front and back) that can be cut and pasted from this web page.

When I was small, my very favourite ornament was always the ugliest out of the whole lot and I was always encouraged to hang it toward the back of the tree. It’s the kind of ornament you’d imagine hanging on the Christmas tree of Louis the XIV; a sky blue velvet bauble with gold braid down the sides, a pearl tail, gold ribbon and clear, paste jewels on the sides. I don’t know how my parents came to be in possession of this affront to taste, but I know I loved it and looked forward to seeing it lovingly unwrapped, year after year.

Happy tree trimming!