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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mr. And Mrs. Potamus on Ice

The romance of ice skating is ingrained into every girlchild from the time they are old enough to watch the Olympics and deeply covet the grace, beauty and sparkly costumes of those fortunate enough to make balancing on a pair of razor blades look like jogging through the park.

The reality of ice skating is undignified, hard on the backside and avoiding gaggles of teenage girls who couldn't possibly remain upright without 16 of their closest friends to hang on to.

I'm actually not too bad at ice skating. Papapotamus took me occasionally when I was little and while I often caused pile-ups on the rink, I think I do it more naturally now than say, The Rock Star, who, being 6'2", has further to fall.

This is the picture he would want me to post. Out of love and respect, I shall NOT post the one with his arms flailing every which way. It just wouldn't be sporting.