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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Orange Wednesday: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I’m not really seeking to add much to the plethora of reviews that have been written about the new Harry Potter film. I’m not a natural review writer; I often have a hard time putting my likes and dislikes into coherent sentences, so what I can say about this film is:

-It’s my favourite so far of the series. The kids are finding their feet, although their performances are still kind of erratic; one moment they’re really getting a nice handle on an emotional situation and the next, going on performance safari.

-The CGI is becoming less obvious and integrating more seamlessly with the film, making it less "here comes the effect" and more "holy crap, that is a big, f-off, spiky dragon".

-People complain about the book being condensed to unrecoginsability. I don’t think it’s a legitimate criticism as there it literally no way humanly possible to condense a piece of fiction as large as Goblet of Fire into 2 hours and 45 minutes. (Already very long for a supposed children’s film.) They hit the main points while cutting out some of the book’s less interesting plotlines (the house elves) and hinted at some deeper detail, giving those that HAVE read the book the nod and not short-changing those who haven’t.

-More of Alan Rickman please, cause he utterly rocks. That goes for all the bad guys, actually. Ralf Fiennes and Jason Issacs also were highly watchable.

-And finally, just a note to slightly creepy filmmakers: 15 year old boys should not be weight-trained to the point where 40 year old women go, “Oooo” when they take off their shirts. We are all aware that in 5 years or so, Daniel Radcliffe will be extremely hot, but please leave him just a few more years before you start putting thoughts like that in our heads. Right now, it’s just wrong.