Doing battle with daily dragons

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Pie: 4, Blogapotamus: 0

For those of you who kindly asked after my pie, here is your answer.

I must be philosophical. Into every life some rain must fall. And alternately onto every floor a pie must do the same. This accounts for most of the damage. I can just hear my grandmother in the great beyond shaking her head and saying, "Schushlich." (clumsy) You wouldn't think molasses would dry slippery, but it does. I am beginning to think that I have a Dutch spirit hanging around that might need to be threatened with a hex sign of some sort. (Totally unrealated PA Dutch trivia: It is believed that cows gain the power of speech on the night before Christmas Eve and that anyone born on Christmas Day will be able to understand them. I like the idea of talking to cows, although I'm not sure they'd have a whole lot to say.)

As for the rather more gooey nature of the experiment, I think perhaps our oven runs slightly hotter than it should, causeing the top of the pie to crisp too fast and the innards to remain liquid. I have just enough ingredients to make one more attempt at a lower temperature.

To be fair, this was the closest I've come to succeeding over here so far. It was actually very tasty, although not particularly pleasing to the eye.

The fight goes on.