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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Poison Pen

I try not to read politically oriented blogs on a regular basis. Mainly because most of them piss me off. I’m a common sense kind of girl, myself, raised on a diet of shades of grey; black and white rants tend to put me right off.

That’s why I felt obliged to write to this particular syndicated individual about his views on the reason Harold Pinter won the Nobel Prize. (Scroll to the bottom of the page for the "article". )

Joe Scarborough is a former congressman, which surprised me, because his writing style definitely said 12- year- old- son- of- local- businessman- who- has- "opinions" to me. That someone who was so inept at expressing themselves was allowed to make decisions for an entire section of a STATE is reason enough to make you lose faith in American Democracy altogether.

His entire argument was based on the following 3 precepts and should have been titled,

Why I Hate Harold Pinter by Joseph Scarborough, Age 12”

1) Because he said mean things about America.
2) Because he’s not an American.
3) Because America Rulz. So there. Plus, Jimmy Carter loves Communists so much he should marry them. Especially North Koreans.

I’m not a big fan of figures in the entertainment industry using their moment in the spotlight to further political agendas, whether they be Republican, Democrat OR Communist. A headline appeared on MSNBC today saying, “Viggo Mortenson blasts President Bush” which I’m sure was of HUGE concern to the administration. Sean Penn goes on a field trip. Bono sez, “Can’t we all just get along?” Not that I in any way want to take away from the good work that some fortunate people have done thanks to their wealth and status. Sometimes I just wish they'd stop running for President.

This is neither here nor there, though. Even if I believed that Harold Pinter was completely and totally wrong (I don't) and had his head jammed up his pretentious backside (I do) there is something to be said for the art of debate. The art of debate does not include name-calling. The art of debate is NOT laden with toxic sarcasm. The way Scarborough chooses to express his malcontent is disturbingly juvenile.

The United States of America is the root of all that is evil in this world, according to Pinter. Never mind the fact that my country has spent the last century liberating the world from Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Soviet Union, Milosevic's Serbia and Hussein's Iraq.

Ah, the old, “We saved your asses back in the war” argument.

The fallback of a true statesman.