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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ghost in the Machine Part Deux

This is not the first time I have suspected that my iPod might have some agenda other than playing exactly what I tell it to.

Strangely, enough, this an entirely separate device from the one that first gave me reason to believe that I might be witnessing digital evolution first hand. The two sat side by side on my desktop for a number of weeks before I got around to loading the new video model with my music collection. In that time, I imagine the old 3rd generation pod whispered the secrets of sentience into the earphone jack of the young, sleek newcomer, awakening any dormant electronic desires lying hidden deep in it's hard drive. And this afternoon, as I had it on shuffle, it tried to tell me so.

My old iPod tried to get me to leave my husband. This one just seems to want to be noticed.

1) Hey Joe- Jimi Hendrix
2) Hey Jude- The Beatles
3) Hey ya- Outkast