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Monday, January 23, 2006

What's Up, Lotus Blossom?

Back in high school when I was fit and athletic, I spent 4 years on the school swim team. During my first two years on the squad, we had an ultra cool, ex-surfer cartoonist as a coach who also taught history, so we hung out in his classroom after school until the bus came to take us to the pool. (Our school’s football team was WAY too good to have money diverted away from them so that a bunch of pansy swimmers could have their own pool to practice in. Because, as any high school football player will tell you, “swimming is for fags.” It really is better that we let them get on with banging their heads together.) Apart from being responsible for the graphics on a particular brand of t-shirt that is easily recognizable in the US, our coach was also responsible for broadening our cinematic horizons. One film he brought to our attention was the 1966 Woody Allen classic called, ”What’s Up, Tigerlily?”

American International Pictures had bought the rights to a Japanese action film entitled, “International Secret Police: Key of Keys”, but then thought that it might be confusing for Western audiences. Allen was commissioned to completely remove the soundtrack and write his own plot involving the quest to find the world’s greatest recipe for egg salad. It goes without saying that I have my own copy.

It is due to my love of this film that I particularly enjoyed this little bit of nonsense that my father sent me this morning. Give your own Woody Allen treatment to any number of Bollywood classics here.

Here’s one I made earlier.